First Post


Denny Diamond neck
Hey, I thought I’d start this blog showing I have nothing to hide. All out there. My point is that I tend to say what I feel. Not always my most admirable trait. Especially when I also tend to blurt things out without thinking. Hopefully I can control that since I am typing it. Take that second look and make it a little more eloquent. But I have also been told that I am old enough to say what I’d like to because I’m older and it’s cute.

So… I have many hobbies. Some can be called my profession, if you want to be nasty about it. I prefer hobby because to me I’m having fun with them and it’s not work. Here they are: I’m a husband, dad, own two Bernese mountain dogs, sing, play guitar, perform, host events, photographer, diy-er, foodie, love wine, love ice cream, like to grill, code websites, blog, vlog, entrepreneur, really love wine and ice cream.(those two deserve extra mentioning) I’m kind of a jack of all trades and master of none. I’m hoping to share something from all of these “hobbies” with you at one point or another along with anything else that pops into this vast space called my brain. I guess the reason I have so many hobbies is because I tend to resist being told what to do by someone who doesn’t have an imagination. That’s my definition of a boss. Not all bosses, when I have been lucky enough to work with someone who didn’t make me feel like I was working for them then they weren’t a boss.

I will create categories so if one hobby appeals to you more than another you can follow that. And I will always try not to “cross the streams” (Ghostbuster’s reference).

Let’s finish this one up with, I will write about what’s on my mind and I hope you can find a way to enjoy that.



P.S. Man this Starbucks gets loud after 10 am.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”